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Finance Services Pricing

We provide you with expert finance and accounting services at an affordable cost. Our pricing is economical yet flexible, enabling your company to save on the high cost of professional bookkeeping and accounting.

If your spending a huge sum of money on a non-core business function like bookkeeping, you can drastically cut costs by simply outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting and other finance and accounting services with us. And you can channel your time, effort and money into building up your business.

Our Affordable Pricing

Our service pricing customized suit for suit any business

Our pricing structure is based all type of busines according to the required number of hours and the nature of the business. You can choose according to your need:

  • Billing for full-time financial professionals
    To hire a full-time financial professional from us, who will work for 160 hours a month. Our monthly billing plan for full-time professionals is very cost-effective.


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  • Billing for part-time financial experts
    You can sign up for a part-time financial expert who can attend to your business needs for about 80 hours a month. We offer our customers a low-cost monthly billing pricing structure for part-time resources.
  • Billing by the project
    If you require finance and accounting services for a specific one-time project, this mode of payment will suit your needs. We will analyze your business requirements and provide you with a pricing quote.
  • Billing by the hour
    If you require during the peak or tax season, or when you are faced with a heavy workload, you can choose our hourly services, where you only have to pay for the specific number of hours that you require..
  • Billing only for tax returns
    We provide our customers with low pricing structures for tax return services. Depending on the nature of the work, the level of difficulty, the skill sets required of our financial experts, and the business requirements.

Get in touch with us for finance and accounting services and we will provide you with expert services that suit your business needs at very affordable prices.

Pricing Disclaimer

We try to ensure that the information published on our website is always accurate and current. We make sincere efforts to keep all information on the site accurate and up-to-date along with the pricing.

Please note that all prices displayed on our website are INDICATIVE, and final pricing is decided only after taking into the account various factors like nature of the project, complexity level, skill and experience of the resources, time required for completion and terms of contract. Prices displayed are subject to final approval at the time of order fulfillment, which could result in an increase or decrease in the price quoted on the website.

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Our financial services are specifically designed to cater to global clients and are reasonably priced

Data Security

We have stringent data security policies in place to ensure that all your data remain completely safe with us

Best Infrastructure

Our experts has access to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, which empower us to provide the best services

Latest Tools

We make use of some of the latest software tools and technologies, which help us work more efficiently.

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Some of Accounting Software, We Leverage.

We have a proven track record of offering the complete range of accounting, tax preparation, financial planning, payroll processing, and insurance services to companies across the globe. This experience, coupled with in-depth knowledge of financial environment helps us in offering quality solutions at a fast turnaround. By outsourcing accounting services to India you can save up to 60 to 70% of your costs. Many of our International clients have saved thousands of dollars in accounting by outsourcing to India.