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What is Bookkeeping of Quickbook Outsourcing?

Bookkeeping outsourcing is the process of letting a virtual bookkeeper handle a non-core process such as bookkeeping. Since bookkeeping is unrelated to a small business’ core competency and is typically not a revenue generating activity, it is best handled by a specialist firm. Outsourcing is most efficient and cost effective when the firm has access to numerous virtual bookkeepers proficient in QuickBooks.

Will Our Quickbook services work with us?

Yes. In the past, only large businesses could benefit from outsourced services. Now with Globalization through the Internet almost any business can benefit from outsourcing. To be successful with outsourced bookkeeping services, you only need to be comfortable with using email. A virtual bookkeeper may also be available for discussions over instant messenger or the phone.

How much time will take to speen up th process?

Once you sign and fax the agreement back to us, and make the deposit, we can start the same night.
Since we do very specific tasks such as bookkeeping and data entry for a variety of firms, we are very familiar with the nuances and best practices associated with performing these tasks.

How can i be sure you are actually working?

How often do you actually watch over your in-house bookkeeper’s shoulders? With remote bookkeeping done on your desktop, you can actually watch over the remote bookkeeper. You can see the bookkeeper move their mouse and make entries into the QuickBooks system. You also have the option to review the QuickBooks Audit logs which would show how long the bookkeeper has been active on QuickBooks and making entries. More importantly, we are in the business of building a win-win long-term partnership with you. We are not in the business of ripping you off, making a quick buck and running. We want you to value our services. We want to service you for the long-term! We want to help you grow your business, and grow along with you.

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